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Madi Goff
Impro Theatre Main Company

Madi is an actress, writer, and improviser originally from the Texas hill country. And she is the Associate Director of the Impro Theatre School. Before joining Impro Theatre Main Company in January 2017, Madi was a guest artist in Dickens UnScripted, Jane Austen UnScripted, Horror UnScripted, and Fairytales UnScripted as well as a student in the Impro LAB. At Impro Studio, she has performed in a number of shows including Nancy Drew UnSolved, Home for the HolidaysStranger Suggestions, and LA Theatresports. She directed Game of Falls and performs with Ripley, a weekly guest on the Impro Studio stage. Madi has also been the technical improviser (lights and sound) for every style that is in the Impro Theatre repertoire. She has helped to redefine and expand what it is to improvise the production aspects of a completely unscripted performance by live calling the shows, technically improvising right along with the performers.