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Madi Goff
Impro Theatre Main Company

Madi is an actress, writer, and improviser who brings heart to comedy and lightness to drama. She grew up making home movies and horseback riding on a little farm in the Texas hill country. Through her career working with horses on the farm, Madi became an accomplished rider with 7 National Championship to her name. While in school at Trinity University, Madi played college basketball, traveling all over the United States to play other colleges from UT Austin to Harvard. Now in Los Angeles, she is making films (RIPLEY FILM, with Ripley Improv), appearing on television (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), and occasionally riding horses. Before joining Impro Theatre Main Company, she was a guest artist as well as a student in the Impro LAB, the premiere performance ensemble of the Impro Theatre School. Madi is an alumna of the Groundlings Sunday Company and a member of Ripley Improv. She’s also a kickass technical improviser who has helped to redefine and expand what it is to improvise the technical aspects of a completely unscripted performance. When Madi’s not performing, she can be found playing basketball or swing dancing!

Instagram: @msmadig
Twitter: @madigoff