PDU 30-hour line-up 2018

JULY 6 - 7, 2018
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  Show up and get a FREE GIFT (as supplies last)!
  All tickets are first-come and PAY WHAT YOU
  CAN (except for the Showcase Performance).
  You can also watch the live feed in our Lounge
  next to the Studio.

  The marathon will be broadcast on
  Facebook Live. Go to Impro Theatre's
  Facebook page
to watch from your laptop,
  phone or other streaming device.

FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2018
5:00PM - Pre-Party
5:30PM - "PDU" Kick-Off
                 Hosted by KO and podcast with Mike Rock
Winner Circle -
3 shows compete to see who will perform again at 4:00AM
     7:00PM - Bobby, I’m Lost
     7:25PM - My Fantasy Apology
     7:50PM - Stuck
8:15PM - "PDU" Moments *
              "JANE AUSTEN POP"

              (Impro Theatre Main Company)
              A completely improvised musical in the style of
              Jane Austen, one-night-only!
              $50 VIP ticket includes complimentary Champagne.
              Click here and select the $50 perk

9:45PM - "PDU" Moments *
10:00PM - Impro Theatre School's Lab presents
                   "Buddy Cop 2"
10:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
11:00PM - Ripley & The Men of Impro Theatre's
                  Main Company
11:50 PM - "PDU" Moments *
12:00AM - Fantastic Tales
12:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
1:00AM - Chased by Bear
1:30AM - Six Flags Genre Theme Park
1:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
2:00AM - Late Night Monster Movie
2:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
3:00AM - Fantasy Island
3:30AM - Poirot Improvised
3:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
4:00AM - Winner’s Circle Performance
4:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
5:00AM - First Years
5:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
6:00AM - Class Reunion
6:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
7:00AM - In the Car with Nick & Sara

7:30AM - Buskin’ Out
7:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
8:00AM - Oregon Trail: UnCharted
8:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
9:00AM - Myths & Legends
9:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
10:00AM - Fairytales UnScripted,
                   broadcast live from the John Anson Ford
                   Amphitheater (Impro Theatre Main Company)
11:00AM - Good Morning, Los Feliz!
11:50AM - "PDU" Moments *
12:00PM - Impro Theatre School presents
                 "Rom Com"
12:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
1:00PM - Blank Mirror
1:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
2:00PM - Little House on Vermont
2:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
3:00PM - Impro Theatre School presents
                "Tennessee Williams Improvised"
3:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
4:00PM - Beatrice
4:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
5:00PM - LA TheatreSports
5:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
6:00PM - Tiny & Les
6:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
7:00PM - The Improvised Generation
7:50PM - "PDU" Moments *
8:00PM - Twilight Zone UnScripted
                 (Impro Theatre's Main Company)
9:15PM - "PDU" Moments *
9:30PM - Bearded Company & The Ladies of
                 Impro Theatre's Main Company
10:30PM - KO
11:00PM - Rock Opera + Fireturtles
12:00AM - Announce "PDU" Final Totals

“Pledge Drive UnScripted” ("PDU") features performers from Impro
Theatre’s Main Company, School and Studio performing around the clock.
There are 2 ways to watch:

* "PDU" Moments include interviews and behind-the-scenes of Impro Theatre
** Schedule is subject to change.

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Impro Theatre's Main Company performs at "Pledge Drive
UnScripted," which was broadcast live on Facebook.

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"Pledge Drive UnScripted," is broadcast live online
on Facebook Live with a specialized MEVO camera.

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Showcase Performance: "Jane Austen Pop"
A completely improvised musical in the
style of Jane Austen. One-night-only.
Click here and select the $50 perk.

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