Theatrical Agent: GVA
(Tony Martinez)
(310) 278-1310

Management: Schachter Entertainment
(Ted Schachter)
(310) 712-3730

Commercial Agent: CESD
(310) 475-2111

Kari Coleman
Impro Theatre Main Company

Kari Coleman began improvising with LA Theatresports as a founding member. She was most recently seen reprising her role as Helen Stacy in The Amazing Spiderman 2, starring in the MTV series, Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous and playing Whitney on Switched at Birth. Her recent guest star appearances include Scandal, NCIS LA, Grey’s AnatomyGleeWilfredMajor Crimes and NCIS. She’s played George’s psychotic girlfriend on Seinfeld and an embittered sex-ed teacher on Veronica Mars. She’s also been a fire-eater with Penn & Teller in Las Vegas, debunked paranormal phenomena on syndicated TV and fallen off a mountain in an IMAX 3-D film T-REX.  She is married to fellow actor Kyle Secor and they have two amazing daughters. Twitter: @ItsKariColeman