Corporate – Virtual Lunch & Learn


Adopt a mindset that is energized and empowering, allowing you to approach situations with a confident open mind!
What is it like to put yourself in someone else’s shoes?
How can you listen to someone else’s story and not be thinking about your own?
We all have much more in common than not. In today’s technological world we have more ways to connect, but may lack the incremental training in how to have a meaningful conversation.
Your team will learn how to connect in deep and meaningful ways, how to bring out the best in each other, and how to be more curious instead of judgemental.

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In our workshops, we start by teaching the group HOW to learn WHAT they are about to learn. We introduce the concept of presence under pressure and teach people what their default may be and how that can get in the way of connection. Participants learn how to deeply listen, encourage, and make another person’s story better rather than focusing on themselves.
The advantage of having an improv class emphasizing experiential training is that participants get to experience and feel what it’s like to be seen and heard for who you are. Experiential training is essential to adult learners because we have people up on their feet in exercises that explore Empathy (Perspective Taking), Shared Agreement, New Thinking, Curiosity and Compassion.
Bring improv to work! Hire Impro Theatre for a lunchtime team training that will engage your team to engage fully with other people, make them feel seen, heard, and valued, and create a dynamic, inclusive team of diverse individuals that work well together.
We may want someone to feel valued, but how? Every skill learned in our improv class has the potential to bring people closer together. Community, Connection, Experiences, Communication and Teamwork. Oh and it’s also fun and entertaining!