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Corporate Entertainment

We Can Help Your Message Stick

Communication & Teamwork

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Improv teaches skills with proven success in the workplace


We’re not just a world-class theatre company.
We’re also a world-class provider of business services.
In these times where the barriers to change are being removed,
we need leaders with mental agility and the ability to see possibilities in reality.
Impro Theatre can help!

Email to bring our virtual improv training to your company.
(323) 401-6162



“We recently worked with the folks from Impro Theatre on our HP event and they were great! They took ordinary information and turned it into a fun and suspenseful journey for our guests over the course of the day. I would recommend them to anyone looking to spice up an event.”
– Taryn Wilson, HP
“We have been impressed not just by the quality of the finished product, but by the diligent and detailed research into our business and personalities … able to personalize the humor to our environment.”
- Steve Arlington, IBM
“Exceeded my expectations … ability to wind humor around key business issues. … most effective in matching the entertainment needs of the “crowd” to the organization’s business goals.”
– Bill Kirst, PwC
“Impro Theatre has evolved into a powerhouse improvisational company in full-length shows that are off-the-cuff and consistently hilarious. An indigenous Los Angeles treasure, the company should be seen — and reseen!”
- Los Angeles Times
“These virtuosic talents simply are as superhuman as they seem. They are serious professional actors, classically trained, who can write on their feet better than many writers can type at a desk. Impro’s work has taught me to demand more from the theatre. Here might be the salvation Theatre seeks.”
- American Theatre Magazine
“Watching Impro Theatre make up plays is like watching Cirque du Soleil perform acrobatics — a feat that expands the definition of human potential. As theater, this company’s work is consistently as good as anything you can see. There’s not a better company of actors in Los Angeles, and Impro’s playwrights rank with their best contemporaries.”
- Stage & Cinema

And many others.

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WHY IMPROV? Improv teaches skills with proven success in the workplace.

To find out more, contact us at or call (323) 401-6162.

DAN O'CONNOR, Impro Theatre's
Producing Artistic Director, gives a
TED Talk about improvising a better world.

BRIAN LOHMANN, a member of Impro Theatre's Main Company, gives a TED Talk about the stories all around us.