What They’re Saying About “Twilight Zone UnScripted”


“A transporting evening! Watching Impro Theatre make up plays is like watching Cirque du Soleil perform acrobatics – a feat that expands the definition of human potential. As theater, this company’s work is consistently as good as anything you can see.” – StageandCinema.com

“Spectacular! Has to be seen to be believed. Impro Theatre’s production lives up to the inherent risk in storytelling, performing and ultimately creating something magical.” – EyeSpyLA

“Phenomenal! A must see. Don’t miss the opportunity for a totally entertaining and stimulating evening of theater. Rod Serling would be proud.” – Examiner

“‘Twilight Zone Unscripted’ is improvisation as an art form. An imaginative, fearless and bold trip down the freeway of risk and chance without a net. An ensemble of experienced and highly-trained performers invest heart, soul and spirit in every character they portray.” – North Hollywood Patch

“Delightful! Sit back as this company’s remarkably adroit wizards of improvisation take you on a sidesplitting ride through The Twilight Zone. Impro Theatre’s excellent grasp of this style of long-form improvisation is a credit to its own collective talent.” – Arts in LA

“Hysterically funny. these master improvisers play off each others’ verbal and physical cues seamlessly, taking the sometimes-absurd dialogue to such extreme ridiculousness you just have to burst out laughing.” – Culture Spot LA

“A scary delight. The entire cast was truly great; how they manage to create such hilarious perfection on stage is perhaps the most unfathomable mystery of the night.” – EDGE LA Magazine

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