What they’re saying about “The Western UnScripted”


“This is art. This is craft. This is entertainment. This is theater that can only be delivered by Impro Theatre.  There truly is no one else in Los Angeles like them.  Hell, there is probably no one else in the world like them.  And that’s something to celebrate….  They are so in control of their art, simultaneously actor, writer and director, creating story right before our eyes, a true high-wire act that it is at times literally beyond belief.  People unaccustomed to improv simply cannot allow themselves to believe that there is no script, no direction, no plan, just play and listening and creation and brilliance and story.  Absurd, touching, hilarious.  Story at is finest.”Bitter Lemons

“Fascinating, funny, and touching! It’s watching life happen, one-time-only; it is what theater is for.”Stage & Cinema

“5 out of 5 stars! Astounding! Lovers of the Old West are sure to be delighted, but it doesn’t take a Westward Ho kinda gal or guy to enjoy these shows.”Examiner

“The Western UnScripted” is truly art in its greatest form.”Edge LA

“Wow! Endlessly entertaining! There are no better improvisers, and you haven’t really seen improv till you’ve seen an entire “movie” improvised from scratch.”StageSceneLA

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