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Starts July 3
Saturdays, 10:30am-12:30pm PDT
8 weeks, $260

This is where your Impro story begins. In this 8-week introductory
workshop, you will learn the skills to prepare for the Impro CORE Program.
Intro to Narrative is a supportive and fun start for those with zero to little experience or for those orienting themselves to Impro’s style. Whether you have some experience or none at all, our teachers are skilled at tailoring the workshop to challenge each individual at his or her level. In Intro to Narrative, you’ll learn the foundations of improv with skills like “Yes and!”, make your partner look good, and mistakes are gifts. You will learn Impro’s fundamentals of narrative improv by creating scenes with C.O.R.E. - character, relationship, objective, environment.
A longtime member of Impro Theatre’s Main Company, Lisa Fredrickson has performed in nearly all of the company’s improvisation styles including “Jane Austen UnScripted,” “Sondheim UnScripted,” “Shakespeare UnScripted” and “Twilight Zone UnScripted.” She has taught Intro to Narrative Improv for many years and has appeared in numerous TV shows and commercials. She is also the resident improv teacher at California Lutheran University.


Registration deadline:
24 hours before first class!
Register by 10:30am on July 2!

NOTE: This class is perfect for students brand new to improvisation or students with only a little improv experience. If you have any questions about where to start at Impro Theatre School please email for guidance.

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Starts July 11
Sundays, 10:30am-1:30pm PDT
8 weeks online

Physical CORE is the first workshop in the series of four CORE curriculum workshops and the foundation of Impro’s style of narrative improvisation. Impro values grounded characters, fully realized environments, and performing with a relaxed state of play. Physical CORE explores creating that relaxed state of play by letting go of the common misconception that improv is all about quick wits, verbal dexterity, and entering with an “idea”. While those skills can be helpful, at Impro we start by focusing on creating scenes from nonverbal offers like emotion, sensory input, stage picture, and movement. Impro asks its students to slow down, give importance to stagecraft, acting, and environment, as well as explore silences, and allow relationships and emotion to create story. Much of the work in this class is inspired by Patsy Rodenburg’s concept of the 2nd Circle, by Anne Bogart’s adaptation of Viewpoints for the stage, as well as by Rudolf Laban’s movement analysis.
ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Madi Goff is an actress, writer, director and a member of Impro Theatre's Main Company, of Ripley Improv, and an alumna of the Groundlings Sunday Company. She appears in Ripley Improv’s fully-improvised television series, As We Go Along, which is currently being submitted to festivals. Madi has performed in most of Impro Theatre's improvisational styles and has taught Impro Theatre classes for several years.

Instructor: MADI GOFF

Registration deadline:
24 hours before first class!
Register by 10:30am on July 10!
Prequisites: This class is for experienced improvisers and graduates of Intro to Narrative Improv only. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please email