Thank you for viewing our press pages. You can read reviews of specific shows in the right column. Here is some of what the press has said about Impro Theatre:

“Impro Theatre has evolved into a powerhouse improvisational company in full-length shows that are off-the-cuff and consistently hilarious. An indigenous Los Angeles treasure, the company should be seen — and reseen!”
Los Angeles Times

“Impro’s work has taught me to demand more from the theatre. These virtuosic talents simply are as superhuman as they seem. They are serious professional actors, classically trained, who can write on their feet better than many writers can type at a desk. Here might be the salvation Theatre seeks.”
American Theatre Magazine

“As high a degree of general excellence in writing, acting, and direction as I have seen in any theater company in America.”
Stage & Cinema

“One of the 12 Best Theatre Companies in Los Angeles.”

“Getting an audience to admire the smart work they’re watching up on stage is one thing; getting big loud laughs from them is something else. For the last ten years Los Angeles’s phenomenal Impro Theatre has consistently been doing both with its trademark series of hilarious UnScripted plays. Accomplishing this feat every time, while adhering to the spirit and tone of the genre they are emulating, is the clever part. Bringing down the house over and over again is the gloriously impossibly funny part.”
Stage Raw

“Watching Impro Theatre make up plays is like watching Cirque du Soleil perform acrobatics — a feat that expands the definition of human potential. As theater, this company’s work is consistently as good as anything you can see. There’s not a better company of actors in Los Angeles, and Impro’s playwrights rank with their best contemporaries.”
Stage & Cinema

“They are so in control of their art, simultaneously actor, writer and director, creating story right before our eyes, a true high-wire act that it is at times literally beyond belief. A new play every night. Never to be seen again. People unaccustomed to improv simply cannot allow themselves to believe that there is no script, no direction, no plan, just play and listening and creation and brilliance and story. Absurd, touching, hilarious. Story at its finest….  This is art. This is craft. This is entertainment. This is a kind of theater that can only be delivered by Impro Theatre. There truly is no one else in Los Angeles like them. Hell, there is probably no one else in the world like them. And that’s something to celebrate.”
Bitter Lemons