Jane Austen UnScripted

Jane Austen wrote only six novels, but her wit and wisdom left readers pining for more. Impro Theatre’s Jane Austen UnScripted gives audiences a chance to imagine the other books she might have written. The company deftly creates a world of love-struck girls, brooding noblemen and charming cads, and although hearts are sure to be broken, true love will win out in the end.

“One of the funniest evenings in town…An amazing comedy troupe spins an entire play into comedy gold right before your eyes.”
-Los Angeles Times Magazine

“SENSATIONAL…smash hit…ingenuity, imagination, and hilarity… improv artists at the top of their field… MUST SEE.”
-Stage-Scene LA

“Impro Theatre’s gift lies in far more than improv’s expected one-liners and zingers-rather, their gift is the more subtle and complex art of storytelling…Austen would be pleased, indeed.”

“4 Stars”
-Los Angeles Times readers poll