One of the 12 Best Theatre Companies in Los Angeles – LAist


The vitality and fun of Los Angeles’s theater scene should not be a well-kept secret. It’s ridiculous, really, that even otherwise entertainment-minded and culturally attuned people here (and elsewhere) blithely suppose that most of the shows staged around town are just vanity projects for desperate actors hoping to get noticed by agents and casting directors (okay, there is a little of that kind of thing but it’s easy to avoid). In fact L.A. is home to dozens of excellent theater organizations offering great productions all the time in venues large and small. Here are our favorites, and as always, leave yours in the comments.

The Impro Theatre troupe spontaneously creates an entire full-length narrative play at every performance based on a couple of audience suggestions solicited at the beginning of each show. Appearing in different venues around Los Angeles, Impro produces discrete runs of these brilliant theatrical inventions in nine specific genres, including L.A. Noir UnscriptedTwilight Zone UnscriptedSondheim Unscripted (running this month at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank) and Jane Austen Unscripted. It’s a different show every time, of course, so theoretically they may have an occasional off night. Not in our experience, though.

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