Overview of Impro Theatre

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Impro Theatre’s Main Company creates completely improvised, full-length plays in the styles of the world’s greatest writers.


The Impro Theatre School is the home of Narrative Improv in Los Angeles. We focus on teaching artful storytelling.


Comedy improvisation through joyful discovery, high stakes, and emotional truth. In the heart of Los Feliz Village



Impro Theatre exists to change the world through joyful artistic engagement by performing, teaching, and expanding storytelling through unscripted theatre.
Our core values include:
• Furthering the art of improvisation and remaining devoted to artistic excellence.
• Challenging artists to stretch creatively while challenging other art-makers and audiences to expand their definitions of theatre.
• Embracing cooperation, diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and creative risk-taking in its fullest form.
• Entertaining, inspiring, and engaging patrons and performers locally and throughout the world.
• Promoting artistic exchange with other artists.
• Investing in the local community through classes, workshops, and programs that reach youth and diverse populations.


Impro Theatre’s Main Company creates completely improvised, full-length plays in the styles of the world’s greatest playwrights, authors and composers.  With no pre-planning or prepared scenarios, the performers combine verbal dexterity and robust physicality to bring character and plot to life in an instant, making each Impro Theatre show unique and unlike any other theatrical experience. Founded as Los Angeles Theatresports in 1988, Impro Theatre has evolved from a successful short form improv troupe into a critically acclaimed improvisational theatre company. In southern California, Impro has performed sold-out shows at South Coast Repertory, The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, North Coast Repertory in San Diego, Falcon Theatre in Burbank, and The Pasadena Playhouse, as well as venues around the world including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, The Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago, The Melbourne Fringe in Australia and Theatre Adyar in Paris. Impro Theatre’s Main Company has received multiple Critics’ Picks in the ,Los Angeles Times, Back Stage West and L.A. Weekly, and many shows have been Ovation RecommendedLos Angeles Times calls them, “Amazing! One of the funniest evenings in town. The troupe spins an entire play into comedy gold right before your eyes.” Stage & Cinema says, “As high a degree of general excellence in writing, acting, and direction as I have seen in any theater company in America.”

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The Impro Theatre School is the home of Narrative Improv in Los Angeles. The school focuses on teaching artful storytelling, finding truth in the moment, and allowing comedy to arise out of it. A wide variety of classes exploring different elements of narrative improv are available to students of all levels. The instructors provide a welcome, safe place for students of every age, background, and profession to discover the joys of improv.

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The Impro Studio was created by Impro Theatre to establish a space where the Impro main company, students, and community-at-large could create and perform in an intimate blackbox setting. Programming includes main company repertory, Studio productions, senior-level (Lab) student productions, and a carefully curated selection of guest artists. Since 1988, Impro Theatre has brought innovative unscripted theater to Los Angeles and the world.

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Managing Director: Rick Bernstein
Impro Theatre School Administrator: Nicholas Daly Clark
Interim Studio Production Manager: Mike Rock
Virtual Technical Director: Mikki Marvel
Marketing Coordinator: Maureen Chesus
Social Media Coordinator: Hannah Zickel

Board Members:
Cheryl Faris, President
Andrew Pearce, Secretary
Laurie L. Baggao
Cooper Bates
Kari Coleman
Lisa Fredrickson
Juliana Gondek
Alicia Ide
Amy Marshall
Dan O’Connor